Thursday, April 7, 2011

Claire's Mood Polish: Happy/Earthy

I did an awesome graduated manicure last night, only to ruin it minutes later, so I repainted my nails with Claire's Mood Polish in Happy/Earthy. It's awesome! This is FIVE EFFING COATS, though. I had so much fun washing my hands today. Hot water: nails are yellow! Cold water: nails are green! I mostly had a cool French manicure thing going on all day, with the tips of my nails green, and the rest yellow. Here's another picture from when it was really warm in my house: 

Much more yellow here. It reminds me of Now & Laters! Ok, in all the swatches I've seen, and in my photos as well, the yellow looks kind of banana yellow. It is actually a really bright, like a neon. I topped this with one coat of Sally Hansen InstaDri topcoat.

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