Wednesday, April 27, 2011

White with Dried Flowers

This is two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On with some dried flowers. This is a great white polish. I love this manicure so much that I couldn't wait until after cleanup to take pictures and post. The flowers are from Born Pretty Store. I just took all the colors I have and randomly (and gently!) pressed the flowers into the wet polish. I topped this with a few (maybe 3?) coats of Out The Door quick dry topcoat. Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Go Lucky with Lighthouse

This is two coats of China Glaze Happy Go Lucky topped with one coat of China Glaze Lighthouse. I really love it, but unfortunately, I ruined my manicure (hence the photo being of only two nails). Sorry this one is blurry. All my pics of this turned out a little weird. 

Here you can see it indoors: 

I think I'm going to have to try Happy Go Lucky with orange tips (China Glaze Life Preserver?) and top the whole thing with Lighthouse. That sounds amazing. Thanks for looking!

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Purple Diamond is an old, discontinued color. I recently unearthed my old stash of nail polish, and this was one of them! It is gorgeous. I couldn't stop staring at the rainbows. I think the holo effect is much more evident in real life. You can still find this on ebay, and it isn't horrifically expensive. As always, you can click the pics to enlarge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Go Kings!

I'm a huge L.A. Kings fan, and to support my team in the NHL Playoffs, I've done a Kings-inspired manicure. 

The products I used: Zoya Mira (2 coats), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On (one stripe on each ring finger), and Orly Instant Artist in Jet Black (3 little stripes on each ring finger) and the crown decals are from the Fing'rs Edge Royal Punk Nail Art set. 

My hands aren't super-steady, but I think the stripes actually turned out better on my other hand: 

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OPI Ink and Nubar 2010

It was really difficult to capture OPI Ink with my camera. It looks a lot more purple to me than blue. Application was incredible. See my cuticles? That's with NO cleanup, and I'm a slob. I was going to top them all with Nubar 2010, but I really liked OPI Ink, so I just did my ring fingers. Two coats of OPI Ink, two coats of 2010, one coat of Seche Vite.

Are you ready for something amazing? You'd better click this. 

I KNOW, right?! I'll just leave this right here: Link to purchase Nubar 2010

Friday, April 8, 2011

Zoya Rica with A Little Birdie!

Here is Zoya Rica (2 coats with one coat of Out The Door topcoat) from Zoya's Sunshine Collection. I love it! It is a coral shimmer with gold sparkles. The bird is from Big Ruby Tattoos  Tweet Collection. It was so easy to apply! Unfortunately, I didn't center it very well. It's applied just like a temporary tattoo. 

Here is the birdie up close and personal!
And right after I took my pictures, the sun came out. So I ran back outside and took one of Rica in all it's glory!

The sparkles!! As always, you can click the pics to enlarge. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Claire's Mood Polish: Happy/Earthy

I did an awesome graduated manicure last night, only to ruin it minutes later, so I repainted my nails with Claire's Mood Polish in Happy/Earthy. It's awesome! This is FIVE EFFING COATS, though. I had so much fun washing my hands today. Hot water: nails are yellow! Cold water: nails are green! I mostly had a cool French manicure thing going on all day, with the tips of my nails green, and the rest yellow. Here's another picture from when it was really warm in my house: 

Much more yellow here. It reminds me of Now & Laters! Ok, in all the swatches I've seen, and in my photos as well, the yellow looks kind of banana yellow. It is actually a really bright, like a neon. I topped this with one coat of Sally Hansen InstaDri topcoat.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dried Flowers!

Hello there! Here is my first attempt at putting dried flowers on my nails. The color is China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, which is absolutely gorgeous. It's a neon turquoise with some pearly shimmer. Without topcoat, it has a satin finish. I used one coat of Seche Vite on all nails except my thumbs, on which I used about three coats to smooth out the roughness from the flowers. I got the dried flowers from Born Pretty Store, and have seen some at Sally Beauty Supply as well. I put a drop of topcoat on each thumb, picked up the flowers with tweezers and secured them to my nails. I pressed down gently, and then applied a few layers of Seche Vite to smooth things out.

Oooh, and the bonus foot! My toesies are wearing OPI's Flashbulb Fuchsia. And excuse the chip on my index finger, plznthx. 

Extreme closeup!!! (Click to enlarge!)

I really love this manicure, and it was very easy to do. I am a beginner at nail art, and I think this turned out great.